I’ve done Top 10 (and even Top 20) all time films lists a couple of times on this blog but it always changes. That’s why I thought I’d make it an actual page on the website and expand it to 50 films (now even more expanded to 100!). I will continue to update this page if I feel it needs it. I have a simple rule: I can do what I like. I will only count one film per franchise to give more room to other deserving films. Remember this is my personal list and not what I think, objectively, are the best films ever made. So here it is:

The 100:

100. The Nice Guys

99. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

98. Carol

97. Ex Machina

96. Sicario

95. X-2: X-Men United

94. Nightcrawler

93. Prisoners

92. High-Rise

91. Lolita

90. The Big Lebowski

89. Black Swan

88. The Great Escape

87. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

86. Jerry Maguire

85. Gone Girl

84. Home Alone

83. Hot Fuzz

82. Mommy

81. Room

80. The Dark Knight

79. Kill Bill Vol.1

78. Manchester By The Sea

77. Bullitt

76. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

75. Office Space

74. Her

73. Incendies

72. All The President’s Men

71. The Usual Suspects

70. Pretty Woman

69. Scrooged

68. Psycho

67. Fargo

66. Superman

65. Good Will Hunting

64. Inglourious Basterds

63. Magnolia

62. Spaceballs

61. Dog Day Afternoon

60. (500) Days of Summer

59. Babe

58. Zoolander

57. American Beauty

56. The Raid 2

55. The Thing

54. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

53. The Social Network

52. The King of Comedy

51. Eraserhead

50. Whiplash

49. Vertigo

48. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

47. In Bruges

46. Die Hard

45. Back To The Future

44. A Shot In The Dark

43. Wayne’s World

42. The Departed

41. Austin Powers in The Spy Who Shagged Me

40. Sing Street

39. The Jungle Book

38. Arrival

37. The Breakfast Club

36. Creed

35. Mad Max: Fury Road

34. Taxi Driver

33. Saving Private Ryan

32. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

31. Boogie Nights

30. American Psycho

29. Raging Bull

28. Rocky

27. Rope

26. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

25. Se7en

24. Dial M For Murder

23. Blue Velvet

22. The Godfather

21. Rear Window

20. Zodiac

19. Apocalypse Now

18. The Shining

17. Aliens

16. Scarface

15. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

14. It’s A Wonderful Life

13. Wild At Heart

12. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

11. Pulp Fiction

10. Heat


The film pits Al Pacino against Robert De Niro in a cops vs robbers epic as Michael Mann puts us in both legends’ perspectives to give us one hell of an engrossing crime drama with one of the most intense and emotional finales in any film.

9. Almost Famous


A coming of age masterpiece, Cameron Crowe’s psuedo-autobiography is charming to the max and invites you in like a family you want to be with. It’s a musical road trip that is emotionally powerful to an impossible level.

8. Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park is a childhood film of most importance. Like many other kids, this film made me want to be a archaeologist and I became the world’s biggest dinosaur nerd. It’s fun, intense and shows us in perfect fashion why practical effects are always better.

7. GoldenEye

1-Goldeneye (2)

Another childhood favourite is my favourite of the James Bond series. GoldenEye introduces Pierce Brosnan’s Bond perfectly with plenty of great one-liners, an unforgettable villain and all the Bond tropes you want at the best they’ve ever been. It’s just pure good old thrills and excitement.

6. La La Land

I hate musicals. La La Land instantly cemented itself as one of my favourite films of all time. It’s overwhelmingly joyous and has messages about love and dreams that are conveyed in a way better than I could have ever imagined from this film. It’s unbelievably moving.

5. The Italian Job


The Italian Job is a film with some weird logic but it’s a film that is an utter delight thanks to the hysterical humour, the iconic Mini Coopers and Michael Caine’s perfect performance. The film does the heist better than any other and has one hell of a great soundtrack to boot!

4. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back


The original Star Wars trilogy is a masterclass in creativity and powerful drama. It’s full of action and incredible and revolutionary CGI for its era but it also features a brilliant personal story and some of the best imagery, metaphors and ideas ever in film.

3. Fight Club


And that brings us to the first of my very interchangeable top 3: Fight Club. The film is Fincher at his best with direction so dripping with style and meaning that it’s hard not to salivate over. The film looks so good but it also is filled with a bombardment of meaning with ideas of anti-commercialism and a study on masculinity making this film absolutely fascinating to watch.

2. Mulholland Drive


Lynch’s most surreal film, this movie is something that doesn’t give you any answers while it does give you the hints to keep you pondering on its meaning for a long time after viewing it. People are still questioning what this masterpiece means.

1. Goodfellas


And now we get to Scorsese’s greatest picture! Goodfellas is the defining gangster movie with characters so real and so many unforgettable scenes. The direction is some of the best ever captured and it’s a film I can watch over and over and over and over again. Every inch of this movie is perfect.