We celebrated the best films of this rather impressive year earlier today. Now it’s time to hammer down on the bad ones. Once again, I live in the UK so the films that qualify are determined by UK release date. This doesn’t tend to effect things on the Worst Films lists but I know one film here that was released late last year in the US. I also haven’t seen every film this year which is particularly important with this list because I don’t tend to go out of my way to watch bad films. I know right? Crazy!

(Dis)Honourable Mentions:

Dirty Grandpa

I haven’t seen this film. I never will see this film. I know it is atrocious and is a disgrace upon Robert De Niro’s filmography. That’s why it is here.

Gods of Egypt

This film I have seen. It’s only an honourable mention because I actually found it very entertaining. It’s a terrible film, that’s why I liked it. It’s the epitome of guilty pleasure. Due to how poorly it is made, I’ve given it an honourable mention but in reality it is closer to making my Top 20 Best list in personal taste.

The 10:

10. Free State of Jones

Plain boring. This is the most boring film I saw all year. It’s not horribly made and the performances aren’t bad. It’s just so hard to stay awake…

9. The Sea of Trees

It had potential, a good director and it’s another McConaughey film but The Sea of Trees just gets more and more silly and manipulative as it takes every cheap route and will have you face palming many, many times.

8. Zoolander 2

I laughed at one scene. I didn’t laugh at the other scenes. It’s just awkwardly bad.

7. Equals

Kristen Stewart has become one of my favourite actresses over the last couple years. I loved Drake Doremus’ Like Crazy but this film is awful. It’s slow, ugly, and entirely made up of young adult cliches under the pretence of an arthouse film.

6. Ben-Hur


5. The Huntsman: Winter’s War

You may have lost Kristen Stewart after she got good but at least you gain Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain. Oh wait, it’s even worse.

4. London Has Fallen

This film is painfully bad. I haven’t seen Olympus Has Fallen but I hear it’s a bargain bin Die Hard. This one’s more like a bargain bin Taken 3 in terms of action direction. It’s also got some embarrassingly bad CGI.

3. Point Break

Fuck you Point Break remake! This was a January release here in the UK and it sucks.

2. Hardcore Henry

I kind of cut this film a little slack in my review. It really is awful though. The film would be good if it was five minutes long but you have to sit through 96 minutes of it! It’s torture.

1. Max Steel

I only just caught this one. This film is so bad I can’t believe the director was actually a real person who knew how to direct films. This film is predictable, horrifically made and somehow made it into more than one cinema.

Do you agree with my choices? What are your worst film experiences of 2016? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Grog’s Top 10 Worst Films of 2016

Greg Warne

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8 thoughts on “Grog’s Top 10 Worst Films of 2016

  1. Bad year for Matthew McConaughey, hey? I haven’t seen either of his movies, but I do plan on seeing The Free State of Jones. I was looking forward to it, but now…I dunno. I have seen Dirty Grandpa. It’s deserving of its mention, here. I’ll admit to kinda liking Hardcore Henry, but yeah, 96 minutes of shaky cam is a tough sell, so I don’t blame anyone for hating it.

  2. Hard to disagree with at least your top 6 (I ain’t planning on seeing the rest in the 10, TBH) and the most egregious of all was Hardcore Henry. Hard to believe a film with such an awesome and go-kick-a-nun-in-the-balls trailer could deliver such a disappointing and inane cinematic result. Ugh.

    Point Break and Ben Hur are films that never deserved to be treated with such contempt – both those remakes are hideous, each for different reasons.

    1. It’s funny seeing that you managed to miss some of these. I’ve been reading so many other worst of the year lists and thanking god I decided to skip so many other shit bombs haha!

  3. I will admit that I actually enjoyed The Huntsman: Winter’s War, I know I was totally in the minority with that.

    I luckily missed 8 of your choices, London Has Fallen was in my worst list as well!

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