Director: Lawrence Trilling
Writer: Brant Englestein

Grog’s Review:

This review contains SPOILERS! You have been warned!

Agent Carter is back and I am indeed very happy with that! Peggy Carter’s feminism adventures charmed me instantly in the first season, making her my favourite Marvel character and I’m so glad we got a second after the unfortunately low ratings. This season Peggy’s off to Hollywood though, and with that we get fresh new life and a lot more sun, which is something that really allows for plenty of British humour with our pale skin and all that. We’re instantly in the action with Peggy and the SSR foiling a bank robbery headed by that evil Dottie Underwood. It’s a great piece of action with some classically glamorous style. That slow-mo smack on the back of the head with the money was great. From there on we got our mystery to investigate. The titular Lady in the Lake mystery certainly was something of interest. The freezing was a very cool (pun intended) idea and when we saw it in shattering action it was awesome!

I was really enjoying the interrogation attempts at breaking Dottie and the failure of Jack Thompson’s go at it. The FBI taking over was also an intriguing advance. The episode dug a little into Jack’s low self worth after being humiliated in the interrogation room and then again by the FBI. His conversation with the FBI guy in the bar was a well done moment. Back in the bright side of LA, this episode really did set the pairing of Peggy and Jarvis up very well. They made a good duo before but they really are given more focus now and they have such great chemistry. They bring the fun and his secret lover was hilarious! You just can’t dislike Peggy and Jarvis. The pairing is one of the best on TV and it’s great this season is really putting them at the centre of it all. The new location also made things more entertaining.

I loved the aspect of this new season with the Hollywood stuff. Stark Pictures is a simple thing but I love anything to do with the behind the scenes of Hollywood and the villainous actress really interests me. The season also seems to be doing something interesting with racism, like its important messages about strong women in the first. It didn’t do much here but it’s great that they have a black character like Wilkes to go forward with. There’s going to be a lot of social commentary, I’m sure, and that’s one of the great parts of this show. It’s often very simple and fun but it does have important underlying ideas that it uses playfully but also powerfully.

Summary: Agent Carter made a solid return with some great character development for existing characters and some great new ones too. The new location and focus of Peggy and Jarvis’ duo gave it a fresh vibe that made it a very welcome return.




Marvel’s Agent Carter S02E01 “The Lady In The Lake” – TV Review

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